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  1. Understanding Marketing as a Value-delivering task 
  2. Studying Marketing Environment 
  3. Contemporary Indian Marketing Environment 
  4. Strategic Planning at Corporate Level and Marketing Planning at Business Level 
  5. Formulating Marketing Strategy 
  6. Analysing Industry and Competition 
  7. Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering 
  8. Consumer Behaviour and Buying-decision Journey 
  9. The Indian Consumer 
  10. Segmentation and Targeting for Maximising Customer Value 
  11. Product Management The Fundamentals 
  12. Managing Brands and Building Brand Equity 
  13. Introducing New Products and Innovations 
  14. Marketing of Services 
  15. Managing Distribution Logistics 
  16. Designing and Managing Marketing Channels 
  17. Retailing Perspective of the Retailer (Retail Chain) 
  18. Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing 
  19. Mass Communications Advertising, Sales Promotion and Digital Communications 
  20. Managing Personal Communications_Personal Selling and Sales Management 
  21. Customer Relationship Management 
  22. Pricing 
  23. MIS and Marketing Research 
  24. Demand Forecasting and Marketing Control 
  25. Rural Marketing in India-Potential, Challenges and Strategies 

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